Maine Venture Fund is proud to welcome Reconnect to our portfolio of innovative Maine start-ups.

Reconnect’s mission is to revolutionize the criminal justice industry by building technology to win the fight against incarceration and recidivism.

Why is Maine Venture Fund joining this fight? Overincarceration is an issue across the U.S., which houses 25% of the world’s total prison population while representing only 5% of the total world population. Currently, there are 6.4m adults currently under the supervision of US adult correctional systems, another 165k in alternative courts, and 700k in pre-trial status. Although technology solutions to monitor this population are antiquated and expensive, the use of electronic monitoring has more than doubled since 2005.

Now, there are over 5.5m individuals under supervision using antiquated technology that is expensive and acts as a scarlet letter hanging over the heads of those attempting to re-enter society and make a positive impact on their community. This billion-dollar market is ready to be disrupted by a business with a vision, mission, and values that are human-centered and outcome-focused. The Criminal Justice Market has a TAM of $990m and an average of $15/mo is spent to monitor participants. There is unprecedented room for industry disruption and growth. Currently deployed in 31 states and across 150 jurisdictions, and recently re-incorporated as a public benefit corporation, Reconnect is positioned to do exactly that.

Reconnect’s platform—Reconnect Community—is designed to connect the court to the individual and to support both.

Reconnect is also preparing to launch the first of its hardware—ReconnectBand—to accompany its platform. ReconnectBand is the future of electronic monitoring.

Reconnect’s team is led by founder and CEO Sam Hotchkiss. Around him, Sam has gathered a strong team of forward-thinking and tech-fluent individuals. The Reconnect team showcases experience from Apple, Odeko, Certify, and Automattic, as well as, the Illinois Justice System, industrial automation, and the healthcare system.

Congratulations and welcome aboard to the entire team at Reconnect!

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