We hope this Maine Venture Fund newsletter finds you well, both on a personal and professional front, during these unsettled times. 

This installment is of the audio variety, so you can either give those eyeballs a rest or multitask along as you listen. John Burns was featured earlier this year on two podcasts: Fast Forward Maine and the Grow Maine Show

Fast Forward Maine’s take, entitled “What Owners Need To Know About Venture Funding” offers an overview of how the industry operates and Maine Venture Fund’s specific approach and process.

Click here to listen to John’s interview with Rich Brooks and Yuri Nabakov on Fast Forward Maine.  

The Grow Maine Show episode provides a unique look into the Fund’s founding, history and impact across the state of Maine throughout its 23 year history, including a few highlights of innovative portfolio companies like Reconnect, Hyperlite Mountain Gear, and Pumpspotting.

Click here to listen to John’s interview with Marty Grohman on The Grow Maine Show.


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