Through recent times of change and uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic, cybersecurity startup and MVF portfolio company Defendify has stepped in to bring some much-needed peace of mind to small businesses, and at no cost.  Defendify’s newly released Essentials Package features three free cybersecurity tools to help businesses know where they stand, where they might have gaps, and what’s going on in cybersecurity in general.

Here’s what included:

  • Cybersecurity Assessment Tool: It’s a health checkup for cybersecurity posture. To use the tool, simply answer easy-to-understand questions that map to common but oft complicated cybersecurity frameworks to generate an intuitive assessment report. The cybersecurity health grade is a useful tool to not only quickly understand cybersecurity posture, but also to evaluate alignment with future customer and third-party risk assessments.
  • Network Vulnerability Scanner: Defendify’s Network Vulnerability Scanner is a cybersecurity tool that automatically searches networks and systems for security vulnerabilities then provides detailed reports to help highlight risks and security gaps.
  • Threat Alerts System: There are hundreds of sources that publish breach announcements, emerging threats, and new vulnerability warnings every day. Small businesses may not have the resources or bandwidth to fully keep up-to-date. The good news: they don’t have to! Defendify’s Threat Alert System helps companies stay informed on the latest cybersecurity threats, trending attacks, cyber incidents, and published vulnerabilities.

Businesses have had to rapidly configure networks and computers for remote work. With all these new configurations and low-security home wi-fi networks now in play, there are even more ways a bad actor can make an appearance. Attackers seek to take advantage, no matter the circumstances, and a cyberattack, incident, or compromise is especially inconvenient during this challenging time.

Thank you to Defendify for supporting the Maine small business community. Learn more and sign up for  Defendify’s Free Essentials Package directly on their website.

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