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Special Report on Maine Seed Capital Tax Credit Program

The Maine Seed Capital Tax Credit Program has successfully attracted private venture capital to early stage, high growth businesses for over 30 years. In recent years, however the annual $5 million ceiling has been used up earlier each year. In 2019, the $5...

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Bon Voyage

Written by John Burns, Managing Director In 2005, I was faced with my second hiring decision at Maine Venture Fund.  It came down to two candidates, both highly qualified.  I wavered.  A mentor and MVF board member looked at me...

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Board Governance

A common denominator of successful companies is sound governance. At some early stage in a growing company’s life, putting a board of directors together and agreeing to governance principles is a key success factor. MVF wrote a blog post last October on why...

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4 tips to help a business be acquisition ready

The big news in the Maine startup ecosystem is the acquisition of Pika Energy by Generac, Inc. As reported by Maine Startups Insider (Wisconsin Company Acquires Pika Energy), all Pika shareholders, including MVF, received a healthy return on their investment.  In...

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MVF Welcomes Newest Team Member, Joe Powers

The Maine Venture Fund is pleased to announce that Joe Powers has joined our management team as a venture capital analyst and investment manager. Joe holds an MBA from Tuck school of business and has spent much of the last decade in San Francisco and New York where he...

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MVF Needs Your Help Today!

Maine needs your help! MTI, CEI, MVF, Maine Angels and others in Maine’s innovation economy have established the MaineCanDo platform designed to help individuals, employers, and investors to prevent future #MeToo incidents in the places where we work, shop, eat, and...

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