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Board of Director Worries?

We understand that CEOs of private companies may be uncomfortable with the idea of a board of directors, or simply feel that a board is unnecessary. Who wants people looking over their shoulder and questioning decisions? Many founders worry about giving up control of...

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More Employees Equals More Responsibilities

We at MVF are dedicated to investing in growing Maine companies. Many of these companies only have five or fewer employees at the time of our initial investment, though they frequently grow to more than twenty. This is of course great and indeed part of our mission;...

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The Rise of Purpose-Designed Testing

There are many variables and unknowns in determining whether to invest in a nascent company. Often the best way to gauge viability is not the business plan, but the quality of the leadership team. The challenge is figuring out how specifically to vet these people, as...

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What’s next for the Maine Seed Capital Tax Credit Program?

Maine’s Seed Capital Tax Credit Program has seen a dramatic increase in utilization since its redesign, encouraging both in-state and out-of-state funds and individuals to invest in Maine businesses. There is no question that Maine companies benefit from...

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Falling In Love Can Be Costly

A personal and hard-earned lesson in business from MVF Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Des Fitzgerald. There is validity to the notion that starting one’s first business with a failure sets a person up for a more sensible view on decision making down the road....

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A Match Made in Maine

A Match Made in Maine A common theme among growing Maine companies is the difficulty in finding, attracting, and hiring talented employees.  Some MVF portfolio companies resort to hiring out-of-state remote workers, and have even opened offices in Boston...

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