Our Portfolio

Abierto Networks, LLC

Digital Solutions for the convenience store industry.  Abierto Networks is a leading provider of Digital Marketing solutions and POS Transaction Processing solutions.

Academic Merit, LLC

Academic Merit is the developer of a cloud-based platform designed to strengthen instruction and learning in any setting by seamlessly integrating competency-based professional learning, standards-aligned assessments, and content-driven instruction.

Founded by practicing teachers with the original goal of finding ways to leverage technology to make classic literature more accessible for contemporary students, Academic Merit has steadily evolved and expanded as a company, reflecting deep pedagogical roots, close collaboration with early adopters, and recognition of the rapidly changing landscape of American education.

Aiko Biotechnology, Inc.

Finding safer, more effective treatment for opioid-induced bowel dysfunction, addiction and overdose.

BlueTarp, Inc.

BlueTarp Financial manages the in-house trade credit programs for thousands of building supply dealers across the United States. Those dealers enjoy predictable cash flow, protection from risk and professional tools and services for their customers. BlueTarp Financial was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Portland, Maine. For more information, visit www.bluetarp.com or follow them on Twitter @BlueTarpCredit.

Cerahelix, Inc.

Cerahelix has developed a sustainable solution for the process filtration industry – a ceramic membrane that filters solutions to high purity under harsh conditions.

Certify, Inc.

Acquired by K1Capital and now operating in Portland Maine as the newly formed Certify with three subsidiary T&E companies: Nexonia, ExpenseWatch and Tallie.  

Chemogen, Inc.

proprietary and patented technology for the diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB) in immunocompromised people marks a new chapter in the fight against Tuberculosis

Chimani, Inc.

Chimani, Inc. was founded by Kerry Gallivan and Shaun Meredith, in January 2010. The concept was born on top of Gorham Mountain in Acadia National Park one rainy day in April 2008. Kerry was hiking 7+ miles and wanted some data on where he was going, what route he should take, the amount of rain he could expect, and the steepness on the western side of Cadillac Mountain. Kerry had his iPhone, but there was neither cell phone coverage nor an app to guide him. Frustrated and alone in the rain in Maine, Chimani was conceived.

Read more at www.chimani.com

Coast of Maine Organic Products, Inc.

Acquired by Gemini Investors July 2016

CourseStorm, Inc.

CourseStorm Inc., an Orono-based company that provides cloud-based software to help informal educational programs like after-school learning, adult education and workforce development, has raised a total of $760,000 in equity, with Maine Venture Fund as the lead investor.

Dream Local Digital

Dream Local Digital, a Maine based digital marketing agency specializing in interactive media, content marketing, SEO and social media

Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Defining lightweight gear. Hyperlite Mountain Gear designs and manufactures premium, durable outdoor products for a range of adventures.

The Gelato Fiasco, Inc.

Gelato Fiasco is the fastest-growing brand of gelato in U.S. grocery stores. The company makes its award-winning grocery store pints at its Flavor Foundry in Brunswick, Maine, with milk from family farms, cane sugar, and all-natural flavor ingredients. Pints are sold at more than 5,000 grocery stores across the United States. The company also operates year-round scoop shops in Brunswick and Portland, Maine. Online at @gelatofiasco on social media and at www.gelatofiasco.com

Genextropy, Inc.

Genextropy, Inc. develops predictive, non-invasive genetic risk assessment tests for cancers, autoimmune diseases, neurodegeneration diseases and metabolism disorders.

InterSpec, Inc.

Acquired by Arcom/Alpine Investors January 2017

Look's Gourmet Food Company

Acquired by SeaWatch September 2016

Maine Craft Distilling marries Maine agricultural products to traditional methods, creating unique spirits that combine the terroir of Maine with, Founder, Luke Davidson’s perfectionist sense of craft. Building stills from repurposed tomato juice vats and washbacks from Maine-grown fir, Davidson has imbued Maine Craft Distilling with his Yankee, can-do approach to life and liquor.

Mingle Analytics evolved from founder Dr. Dan Mingle’s vision that the time is ripe for disruptive innovation in healthcare. In a climate of alarming healthcare costs and dire predictions about physician shortages, Mingle believes that it is possible for practices to be profitable, physicians satisfied and patients delighted.

Mingle believes that primary care, ambulatory services and healthcare informatics are at the epicenter of the evolving paradigms around standards of care, service and payment.

Mingle’s strategic consulting methodology steers practices through the rough waters of change with tools that simplify, standardize and integrate all practice operations.

Mingle has success when the four quadrants of the healthcare equation are in perfect balance: Practice Vitality, Patient Access, Quality and Cost. We help practices move evenly in all four directions in a systematic and balanced effort.

NBT Solutions LLC

Mapping applications for your business.


Web Mapping Applications – NBT designs, builds and maintains web mapping applications that leverage interactive and informative cartographic maps.

Spatial IT Consulting –  NBT assists in navigating the ever-changing landscape of location services, geographic technologies, and map data visualization tools and platforms to help you understand what will work for your organization. They can review your systems, business processes, assets and challenges, and recommend mapping systems designed to suit.

GIS – NBT has decades of cross-platform GIS experience and can help you with mapping assessment, geographic data development, GIS workflows and management, geocoding, GPS field work, and more.

Nyle Systems LLC

Nyle Systems is an innovative manufacturer of high quality drying, dehumidification and water heating products that meet the needs of our customers and our environment.

Ocean Approved, Inc.

Many consumers are surprised how delicious and mild Ocean Approved products are. Compared to dried or reconstituted seaweed, there’s just a hint of ocean in our kelp. This makes our kelp the go to ingredient when chefs are looking to up-scale their dishes.

Product Information
Our proprietary process ensures consistency of cut, texture, appearance and flavor. Plus you’ll never find dyes or additives in Ocean Approved products.

Our ingredient lists says it all: Kelp.

Orono Spectral Solutions

OSS is a Maine-based company dedicated to providing its customers with innovative solutions for the trace level detection and identification of chemical and biological targets by incorporating novel sampling methodologies with proven capabilities of optical spectroscopic techniques.

PenBay Solutions LLC

PenBay Solutions, uses a combination of technology and business intelligence to help companies run cost effective facility operations, maintain safe and secure built environments, and maximize real estate portfolio

Pika Energy, Inc.

Pika Energy builds high performance home wind turbines to deliver more energy to cut your electric bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

REDD Superfood Energy Bar

Redd is more than just a bar. It’s science, chemistry, and engineering. The synergy of three products into one. How Vitamins, Caffeine, and Protein optimally combine to propel you. At it’s best, it’s a dynamic example of how humans excel with nutrient dense, sustainable energy.

Redd has been developed for people who want to indulge the senses without compromising health, wish to support mental and physical stamina with naturally sourced energy, and have an active lifestyle that demands nutrient-dense superfoods to maintain optimal performance.

Sea Bags

Founded in 1999, Sea Bags started by making fun, functional and stylish totes from reclaimed sailcloth in the historic Old Port district of Portland, Maine. Today, the company makes a diverse line of totes, bags, and homegoods, all featuring material from sails that were once actively used.

Tide Creative is a start-up software company that is passionate about weddings.  They have several wedding focused apps and are currently developing a novel wedding photo sharing platform for use by wedding industry contractors.

Warrior (Aero-Marine), Inc.

Developing UAV seaplanes and amphibious aircraft using new proprietary technology.