Maine Venture Fund Difference

Not all venture capital funds are alike. It is equally important for companies to research and become comfortable with potential investors as for investors to research companies in which they may invest.

The Maine Venture Fund…

  • Specializes in high growth Maine businesses
  • Considers companies in nearly any industry that can demonstrate the potential for high growth and public benefit
  • Considers companies in all stages of company life cycles, including seed and early stage companies
  • Provides business advice and technical assistance to portfolio companies
  • Provides access to an extensive network throughout Maine, New England and beyond
  • Has a typical initial investment of $100,000-$300,000 per company, with additional capital available to continue to support the company
  • Takes a collaborative approach to investing, cultivating many co-investors; the Fund can only provide up to 50% of the capital in any financing round
  • Can purchase a range of investment securities, most typically preferred stock or convertible debt
  • Investment terms tend to be more patient than the terms offered by larger venture funds
  • We are focused in helping our companies develop and for active and value-added Boards of Directors, learn more about how we help beyond the initial funding: