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When I started looking for internships, I wanted to find something at a start-up or at a venture capital fund that would allow me to use my technical background in chemistry and engineering. I was ecstatic when I found all of this combined in the Maine Venture Fund (MVF) summer internship, and knew this opportunity would provide me with the wealth of experiences I was hoping to get from my summer position.

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My responsibilities as a summer intern are split between the fund and two of the fund’s portfolio companies, Cerahelix, and Orono Spectral Solutions (OSS). My prior education as a PhD chemist and experience as an R&D Engineer have helped me come up to speed quickly on the technology behind the products at these companies, allowing me to dive into the business problems they would like me to address. Cerahelix is building a ceramic membrane that performs molecular filtration for water and other applications under extreme conditions. At Cerahelix, I am helping the company prioritize their market opportunities and am performing a competitive and cost analysis on those key markets. OSS’s products streamline the chemical measurement process in industry quality control and HazMat settings. At OSS, I am helping the two co-founders develop a sales strategy to better penetrate their identified markets. It has been a great experience to translate the business theory of the classroom that I learned during my first year at Tuck into tangible solutions that have a meaningful impact on the success of a start-up company.

At MVF, I am doing some preliminary due diligence on a possible future investment, and researching VC software platforms that help manage MVF’s investment opportunities and portfolio companies.

It has been a unique professional and educational experience to interact with the fund employees, the MVF board, and these two start-up companies. I doubt that I could have found such meaningful experiences in another internship.

Written By Brandon Smith, MVF Summer MBA Associate
MBA Candidate at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business

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