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OSS Today

by Luke Doucette

Most chemical detection systems in use suffer from one common problem: poor front-end sampling tools that limit the ability of the detector to properly function. That’s where we step in. At OSS, we develop advanced chemical sampling materials that are intelligently packaged into low cost, simple to use products that completely streamline the entire sample collection-to-detection process.

One of our lead products, the ClearShot™ Extraction Technology, represents the next-generation solution to oil measurement in anhydrous ammonia (AA) chemical products. AA is one of the most widely manufactured inorganic chemicals due to its many uses within the fertilizer and refrigeration industries, as well as for other commercial applications. During the production process of AA, the use of oil-based compressors causes unwanted oil contamination issues that can lead to poor product quality. This requires frequent measurement at manufacturing sites as well as transfer stations to ensure that the AA meets the rigorous certificate of quality standards that customers demand. The ClearShot system enables a more efficient and cost-effective approach for ensuring AA product quality because it requires a fraction of the time and volume to deliver highly accurate results as compared to competing products and methods. Because of this fact, the ClearShot measurement products have been recently adopted by CF Industries, one of the largest global manufacturers of AA and other urea-based products. “We believe the OSS Oil Contamination Analyzer to be a rapid low cost technology that has enhanced product quality and profitability at each of our four urea production facilities” (Donald Thomas, Director of Technology & Quality Programs, CF Industries).   OSS has since built off of this success and is actively developing new customers within the AA markets.


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